Right to Privacy? Where’s the “Like” Button?

Indiana may join the ranks of states that have enacted laws that bar employers from requiring employees to provide their social media passwords. In what has become a growing trend, many employers now require employees to turn over their personal account information, including user names and passwords, for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Several states have outlawed the practice, including at least two of Indiana’s neighbors – Illinois and Michigan – but Indiana has not, at least not yet.

There is a bill pending in the Indiana House that would prohibit employers from requiring current and perspective employees to turn over their social media passwords. The bill, however, does not appear to have much support. According to a recent report from Indianapolis television news channel Fox 59, there are no hearings scheduled on the bill. Thus, it’s fate appears uncertain at best.

If you’d like, you can see the report here:


So if you are an employee in Indiana who doesn’t believe it is right for employers to gain unlimited access to your private accounts, it might be a good idea to take a couple of minutes and let your state representatives know that you value your privacy and support House Bill 1240.