Target Sued For Unpaid Overtime

A putative class action has been filed in New York against retailer Target Corp. alleging violations of New York state labor laws.  According to the claims made in LaPointe v. Target Corp., Operations Group Leaders were classified as exempt from overtime wages.  However, the suit alleges that the job duties of the Operations Group Leaders did not meet any of the overtime exemptions recognized by New York law, thereby resulting in those employees being misclassified and unlawfully not paid overtime wages.  Specifically, the lawsuit claims that the Operations Group Leaders did not satisfy the managerial/executive exemption because the company “controls very carefully what the group leaders do such that they are not left with meaningful executive authority that would satisfy exemption under the law.”

Target Corp. has denied the allegations and contends that the Operations Group Leaders were properly classified as exempt due to the fact that the employees in the putative class are responsible for supervising as many as 50 employees.
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